Green Homeland

Green Homeland

Green Homeland

In 2200, the earth changed from an azure planet to a polluted black planet that no longer had a shine. It also lost the purification of plants, and all living creatures, except for humans, basically died, even the largest number of fish were extinct. Although humans survived, they had to carry heavy oxygen cylinders and wore thick protective clothing when they went out. Also, the air on earth was full of heavy metals, blocking the rays of the sun, followed by the ozone layer had failed, and the earth was totally dark.

The earth, where everything once lived and was vibrant, had been ruined by humans after experiencing exhaust, pollution, toxic substances, cutting down trees, building buildings and unlimited mining.

However, in this dead world, there was such a piece of land where was extraordinarily lucky, and it had a nice name, Green Homeland.

It was lucky because, in this land, there lived the last banyan tree on earth. This tree maintained the air that the citizens required and protected these citizens. The people living here were also in harmony with this banyan tree. Under the banyan tree, some of them were playing chess, some were reading books, and some were dancing, as if the earth had never changed and suffered from pollution. Likewise, the people in the homeland took lots of care of the banyan tree, treating it as their lifeblood. They watered, fertilized and de-wormed this tree like a baby because the people knew that this was the last banyan tree in the world and that it could not be polluted.

But one day, the fears of people finally came true. The banyan tree had a little black hole on it as if worms had drilled it. Undoubtedly, the banyan tree was contaminated.

At this time, a person from the homeland who was quite knowledgeable about plant pollution said, ” This must be the mutated insects did. Someone said that there was a toxic wastewater leakage in the factory and some insects contaminated with the wastewater. These insects were all mutated. They gnaw for everything, and even diamond could not stop it!”

“What about the banyan tree?” Some people started to panic after hearing this.

“I think the banyan tree may be about to be swallowed up by insects.” the man added.

“No, we must protect the banyan tree and not let it get hurt!”

With that, all the people of Green Homeland mobilized and prepared to fight for defending the banyan tree. Everyone actively practised and attempted their own methods. Some used foods to lure the insects out, and some flooded the hole hoping that the insects would float out. But, instead of turning around, the banyan tree was getting worse.

As time passed, a large number of leaves on the tree started to turn yellow and fall off, the trunk and branches began to turn black, and the banyan tree became fading away like a dying old man. At this moment, people in Green Homeland finally realized that what they had done was futile. So the citizens organized themselves and spent the last time with the banyan tree.

But this time, no one wanted to talk, to make fun and to play. There were no smiles on citizens` faces. The originally harmonious and happy green homeland was shrouded in a shadow.

Until one day, the banyan tree finally died, and people cried as if they had lost a loved one. One old woman even came to the tree and said with a cry, “You heartless, how can we live without you!”

In this way and so doing, the people buried the banyan tree in the earth with grief.

However, a few days later, a scientist came here to probe the environment, and he said in amazement, “The environment here is equivalent to a primitive forest, and this can be said the cleanest place on earth. How did you do it?”

“It’s because of a banyan tree.” One person in the homeland said.

“I must explore the whole thing. Can you guys come with me and help me?”

“Well, okay. maybe we’ll find something.” Everyone nodded and agreed.

So, the citizens in Green Homeland started to work with this scientist, and after several days, a shining green pearl was found near the dead banyan tree. By determining and assessing, it was the seeds of the dead banyan tree.

The scientist was very excited and surprised after this finding and said, “The banyan tree that bore this seed had powerful energy. We already did research, and it could resist most of the pollution. I just didn’t expect it to be here. I guess the air here is good is because of this energy!”

“But it’s dead.” People in Green Homeland said sadly.

“Even though it’s dead, the energy doesn’t change!” The scientist said, “Plant this seed on top of that dead tree, and it will become a new banyan tree!”

“Really?” People were surprised and could not believe it.

“Really!” The scientist said.

After hearing this from the scientist, the dead hearts of the citizens in Green Homeland came to life again, and they rushed to prepare shovels and other tools for planting the banyan tree.

People dug a hole in the earth, put the green pearl in it, and brought a basin of water to pour it on. Suddenly, a few green flashes appeared in the air, and people thought there were some natural disasters coming and immediately took cover.

After about a few minutes, the lightning stopped, and the people slowly walked out. At this moment, a surprising thing happened. A particularly large, thick and healthy banyan tree appeared. People cheered and jumped for joy. They had made it!

More surprisingly, at this point, the banyan tree suddenly spoke, “You guys planted me out, right? Thank you, I will be loyal to you, my masters, and protect your homeland.”

The scientist also not expected that the tree could talk. He was shocked for a long time and said mumbly, “Can I shake your hand?”

“No problem .” The banyan tree replied to and extended a branch to shake hands with the scientist. He finished shaking hands and added, “I can provide a place for you guys to live, and everything you need is included in my body, as well as entertainment, fitness, movie theatre, and swimming pool. So just come to live in my body and just call me if you have any problems.”

“Great, we can live with happy as we before.” People said excitedly.

Since then, people had returned to the same happy life as before. Especially some children liked the banyan tree slide, every day slid down and climbed up, then slid down and climbed up again, endless, making everyone dazzled.

The more good thing was that due to the powerful life magnetic field of this only banyan tree in the world, some creatures were emergence, including birds and flowers, which also lived in the banyan tree. In this way, the Green Homeland was alive with birds and flowers every day. Also, the people in the homeland did not forget the gifts given by this banyan tree and loved it even more, and many of them often chatted with it and spent their boring time with it.

However, this happy life did not last long. Some people living outside the Green Homeland became jealous and mischievous after seeing there was a banyan tree in the homeland and the happy life of the people in the homeland. One night, these people eventually could not control their inner thoughts, and they were armed and ready to carry out an operation, that is, to attack the banyan tree.

At the same time, the people in the homeland were all sleeping, and they did not realize that there would be an attack and a war twenty minutes later.

Twenty minutes later, the outsiders started to attack the banyan tree. The people in the Green Homeland were awakened by the sound of shelling and violent shaking. They were so frightened by the sudden attack, and they had no weapons to defend themselves.

By seeing this situation, the banyan tree built a protective shield for them by using green energy, and it spoke up, “There is an arsenal of weapons on the third floor. I can still block it for a while. Go and choose a weapon to defend yourself!”

When everyone arrived at the armoury, they saw a wide range of guns and cannons of all kinds, and all of them took a random gun and went downstairs to fight. Even the children also carried an M60 and ran down.

On this battlefield, fighting seemed not so difficult for the people in Green Homeland. It was all because of the assistance and support from the banyan tree. The shield disintegrated the bullets and shells of outsiders, while the bullets shot out by people on this side are enhanced by the shield, forming a distinct situation of one positive and one negative.

After a while, the outsiders were defeated, and they prepared to retreat. Suddenly, the air drifted a brownish-white gas and quickly dispersed. Some outsiders who smelled this gas, immediately lying on the ground, along with the body becoming green and finally dying.

The banyan tree saw this and shockingly said, “Things are not good now. Because of this war, many kinds of harmful gases combine and mix in the air,  resulting in gas molecules fission. No one who smells it will survive.”

“What should we do?” People hurriedly asked.

The scientist standing on the sidelines spoke up, “Only the chemical elements in the banyan tree can destroy this fission, but the banyan tree will die if losing these elements!”

“No, we can’t let the banyan die!”

“Yes, there must be another way.” People chattered and said.

At this moment, the banyan tree spoke up, “The scientist is right. There is no second way now. This is the only way!”

The banyan tree spat out the green pearl. This pearl was even greener than the original one, “This is called the green light pearl. It has very strong energy. Put it inside me and make sure to let my sap nourish it. Its energy is enough to purify the whole earth!”

People in Green Homeland hesitated, and no one wanted to take it.

“Do not hesitate any longer. Do you still want your homeland?”


“There has no but, come on!”

The tears of people instantly flowed out, and people slowly said one sentence “Thank you!” Then they put the green light pearl into the body of the banyan tree as it said.

A few seconds later, dozens of beams of green light came out from the body of the banya tree, and people could not open their eyes. These greenlight connected the sky and the earth, and the earth was wrapped up in green lights.

When the lights disappeared, people opened their eyes slowly, a breath of fresh air filled their nostrils, and they were stunned by the scene before them. How beautiful the world had become! Green trees, flowers, birdsong, spring water, the earth was a vibrant scene. Everything was awake and free from pollution and darkness. The earth is back!

At this moment, some people started to find the big banyan tree, but all they saw was a big pit full of mud, and once again, they shed tears. Afterwards, they made a stone tablet for the pit with the inscription “Banyan Tree in Green Homeland”.

Since even a banyan tree from an alien planet was willing to die to protect the earth,? but we, the human beings who consider the earth as our home and live there, why do we have to shirk the responsibility of “protecting the earth and implementing sustainable development”?

It is not that hard to protect the earth and do sustainable development, even as simple as turning off the lights and water. As long as we realize the responsibility and importance of sustainable development and protect the earth, we are halfway there.

If the banyan tree can do it, we can do it too.


Additional Information

Brief Introduction 

This is a science fiction story in 2200. There is only one banyan tree in the world. Protection, war, and redemption among humans all revolve around this tree. Through this story, it is hoped to draw the attention of the public to environmental protection and sustainable development.

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