Inside Straight Edge

Straight Edge is a subculture that bases itself around hardcore music. People who are Edge do not consume alcohol; they don’t smoke, do drugs or have promiscuous sex.

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Straight Edge band EndWorld

Fakes Fade
Ragdoll Entertainment
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Fakes fade is the first EP from Brisbane’s hardcore band, EndWorld. The high energy EP contains five tracks that are sure to impress within the scene.

Musically, Fakes Fade is everything it should be as a hardcore score; combining Loud, distorted guitars, fast, crashing drums and short enough tracks to give the headbangers a rest.

Needless to say, it’s not a feel-good release, and for the easily offended, Fakes fade would not be recommended.

The EP is full of violent themes and strong language, particularly within the title track “Fakes Fade”, as it’s chorus offers: “I hope your family fucking burn one by one …”

The Brisbane straight edge community may currently claim the band, but it won’t take long for the five up-and-comers to find fans internationally.

The EP can be downloaded for free here.

Story by Brigid Amato