Inside Straight Edge

Straight Edge is a subculture that bases itself around hardcore music. People who are Edge do not consume alcohol; they don’t smoke, do drugs or have promiscuous sex.

[media-credit name=”Courtesy of Allan Reid” align=”alignleft” width=”590″]Edge Day Poster[/media-credit]

Edge Day Poster

Edge Day rocks Morningside

Straight Edge fans were out in full force last Sunday for Brisbane’s first Edge Day All Ages Hardcore Show.

Held in Morningside, the concert showcased eight bands, including a number of interstate groups.

The show’s organiser and founder of What Remains Records, Allan Reid, came up with the idea when he was considering traveling overseas for an Edge Day show.

“The goal was to book a show that was completely old fashioned sound wise and try get a few out of town bands to come up to make it more fun,” said Mr Reid.

Hardcore fans, from as far away as Melbourne, travelled to celebrate Edge Day.

“One of the really satisfying parts of the day was seeing a few familiar faces from out of town turn up to the show, having travelled from as far as Melbourne,” said Mr. Reid.

Event attendees enjoyed a host of bands and were treated to new songs from Done For.

“The bands as a whole were awesome,” said Mr Reid.

Money was also raised for Canteen through a bake sale.

Mr. Reid was pleased with the support he received from the community and believes the music scene can be very beneficial.

“Hardcore for me is always about having a community to be a part of and the opportunity to share thoughts, ideas, and a creative outlet.”

So will Mr. Reid organise another concert for 2012’s Edge Day celebrations?

“I’ve had a few thoughts about how to make the show better, bigger and more inviting for next year,” says Mr Reid.

“I’d definitely like to see a show happen for Edge Day in Brisbane every year.”

For more information on Edge Day visit What Remains Records

Story by Kathleen Green