My Sustainability Journey

My Sustainability Journey

The past two weeks, I have had the chance to explore the wonders of our planet. I had the chance to visit the beach and go trekking with my family.

Between the sound of waves crashing and gusts of wind, I reflected on what sustainability is and what it means to me. Though this semester was a significant formal introduction to what sustainability actually entails, my sustainability journey started when I threw my plastic bottle into the recycling bin the first time.

I am sure everyone has started their sustainability journey – whether consciously or not. It begins with the small things, and when done consistently, it amounts to something significant. The key to being sustainable is not taking drastic measures. Instead, it is about understanding and being accountable for our actions, and making sustained changes.

Have a listen to my story. Maybe it is relatable to you, and maybe it’s not. But as students and agents of change, it is important for us to reflect on the role we play and take the steps to start.



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