Ordinary Women: Mumbai

Ordinary Women: Mumbai

By Sarah Matthews

One of the best things about travelling is the extraordinary people that you can meet each and every day, and the bustling city of Mumbai, India is absolutely full of them. Wherever I went, I was particularly in awe of the women that I encountered. I was in awe of their strength, their wisdom, their courage. Women were the ones carrying the heavy loads, braving the storms, and inviting you into their homes. It can be difficult to be a woman in India, but things are improving every day, and it is because of women like these.

The following profiles tell the stories of three of the incredible women that I had the privilege to meet. They are the women who are dedicating their lives to creating change for those who come after them.They are the women who are working towards gender equality in India in unique and inspiring ways.

These are the ordinary women of Mumbai, and they are doing extraordinary things.

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Sarah Matthews

Sarah is a Journalism/Arts student at the University of Queensland, with a major in French and minors in Gender Studies and Writing. As well as a passion for storytelling, her particular journalistic interests are women's issues and other issues of social justice.