Perempuan: Domestic violence activism in Indonesia

Perempuan: Domestic violence activism in Indonesia

Gendered violence and violence against women is a systemic problem all around the world.

In Indonesia, the problem has become so overwhelming that activist groups composing of both women and men have taken centre stage in the struggle. Working towards anti domestic violence laws, destroying structural inequalities, and shaking up the culture of compliance, these groups were key in the 2017 Jakarta Women’s March.

This epidemic requires worldwide support and a deeper understanding as Katreena Bacatan reports.

Katreena Bacatan

Katreena Bacatan is a 3rd year Journalism and Arts student in the University of Queensland. In Indonesia, she hopes to discover stories that have a significant marker on the country, especially in relation to women and the environment. Looking forward, Katreena hopes to write stories about developing countries and Asian ethnic communities.