Princess May. K. Change

Princess May. K. Change

The Story of Princess May. K. Change. 

By Molly Wilford

Once upon a time, not too long ago, might I even say just 2 years ago,

A princess lived on a street named Quay, and have a perfect view of the Brisbane Bay.

Well actually, it was a river, but who she, to know the differ.

So anyway, let me see, ah this Princess, who was she?

Well, her name was May. K. Change, and was all but a bit strange.

You see, from a young age, she has been fascinated, reading page to page,

Of this thing call sustainability, learning of all the world’s vulnerabilities.

From Global warming to pollution, deforestation to extinction,

The world started to fade to the colour of crimson.

Looking outside, down below, it made no sense, she didn’t know.

How does this happen, what could she do, a voice spoke back,

“It starts with you!”

So more books she grabbed, from the library of course, find what she can do, what could she enforced.

Being a child, it’s hard to make a difference, but Princess May worked hard despite the indifference.

She found some ideas of what she could do, for even being a kid like you.

So here are some tricks, that you can learn quick, to add into your family and make it stick.


(Princess May Talks)

First, I ask, how many bins do you have at home? I’ll give you a second to have a quick roam.

If you have 1 then listen to me, you need another, for that I plea.

With 2 you can separate your recyclables and waste, what do you think about milk bottles and steak?

You’re right! Both you see are quite different things, therefore you must put them into their correct chosen bins.

I know this tip might seem silly and small, but it’s a step to fix a problem affecting us all.

Recyclables can be reused, for new toys, bags, or shoes.

Instead of throwing them in landfills, which if you saw them, would give you chills.

So just a reminder of what’s in what. I’ll make it simple, a quick shortcut

Recyclables are paper, plastic and glass, while waste is food, small scraps and grass.

So, I think by now you understand my tip, so its best we move on, let’s take a dip.

Number 2 is about your fruits, of those with seeds, let’s do some gardening so those fruits can breed.

Tomato’s and avo’s indeed they are fruit, both soak in water to create one’s roots.

Once they have, they are ready to be planted, and after a while, a sprout you’ll be granted.

Before you know it, you’ll look outside, to a garden full with produce of no surprise.

Making your own food is a great wonder, so add a compost bin next, to throw the rottens’ right under.

Now last but not least, something I shall do after this, turn of your lights and play in the bliss.

Outside you should go and off those devices, to have fun in the sun, and eat your homegrown orange slices.

Oh, there is so much you can do, a few, I think, I shall tell you.

Like riding a bike but not after dark or picking up rubbish around your park.

Reusable water bottles, I tell you will matter, to minimise waste and shatter this pattern.

This is the end of my story today, but I will leave you one thing, that I must say;

It starts with you and that is your clue, to make our generation the ones who breakthrough.


I decided to write this fairy tale story, but to push my boundaries more I pieced it with a video. The animations were created by myself, along with the princess that was created via an Instagram filter (and a lot of random dress-ups). I hope you all enjoy it. There is always room for improvement but felt I did my best in creating an animation catering to children!


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