Quitting Fast Fashion and Why Is It Bad

Reflection on Fast Fashion after the 2020 Bushfires in Australia

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Kaiying Liu, a UQ student, reflecting on fast fashion after the 2020 bushfires in Australia, Kaiying’s work is expressive of the pollution that the garment industry has created to the environment.

“Is it really good to buy so much clothes?”

“We, as part of the planet, everyone has an obligation and responsibility to protect the earth and make it better.”

– A video made by Kaiying Liu to discuss the fast fashion industry.


Kaiying Liu

Kaiying is a Communications student major in Public Relation at the University of Queensland. Kaiying has writing and editing experience, as well as comprehensive Adobe production and R data analysis and visualisation skills. Her interests include journalism and marketing, digital media technologies, the K-drama, and dancing.