Street Mama

Street Mama

Manan Chaturvedi , a mother to more than 100 children, crafts campaign paintings to fund their home and living in Jaipur.

The last UNICEF census stated that there were around 100 million street children in India.

Many children and babies are often abandoned or left without parents from illness or disease.

These BTL [Below the Poverty Line] children struggle to cope and create normal lives in society.

They can’t afford food, shelter, or education, but local Jaipur artist, Manan Chaturvedi, has made it her life’s work to support children in these situations.

Chaturvedi founded Surman Sansthan, a home for orphaned and abandoned children in January of 1998.

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Lucy Ratz

Lucy Ratz is in her third year of a Journalism and Arts degree at the University of Queensland. She is interested in pursing a career in Education reporting in the print journalism medium.