Sustainability Touchpoints

Sustainability Touchpoints

The term ‘Touchpoints’ is used normally in a business sense in regard to a customer’s experience with a business or brand.

Touchpoints refer to each transactional moment a customer has with a business. These are critical interactions within a customer’s journey that help define key moments in the process which can build and erode customer trust.

If we apply the concept of touchpoints to our own lives and our own individual sustainability journeys we would find that our experiences and journeys are all very unique.

Through speaking with Josie and Blake about their ‘Sustainability Touchpoints’ we can see how critical these moments are in helping shape opinions on sustainability and encouraging action.

‘People as Touchpoints’

Blake shares eight touchpoints in his life that are centered on his interactions with important people in his life. With each experience, he shares what he has learned from these individuals and how they have helped him to learn and live more sustainability. These touchpoints show us the influence people can have on us, and in return the influence we can have on other people.

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Places as Touchpoints’

Drawing on her travels around the world and within Australia, Josies shares the things she has seen and heard. With each touchpoint rooted in very different cultures and unique places, Josie shows us that sustainability is not just something to be embraced locally and as individuals but something to be looked at on a global scale.

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As we consider the ‘Sustainability Touchpoints’ in our lives it will help us understand ourselves better and why we feel, think and act the way we do. It will help others understand our goals and intentions. and allow us to help each other on our own sustainability journeys.

As highlighted through the experiences Josie and Blake have shared it is clear that sustainability is best taught through our own examples, and often through small and simple things. As you go about your day please reflect on your sustainability journey and consider ‘What are your ‘Sustainability Touchpoints’? and ‘Can I be a ‘Sustainability Touchpoint’ for someone else?.