Symbiosis: Religion and Culture in India.

Symbiosis: Religion and Culture in India.

It seems strange, to an Australian, the marriage of religion and culture. But India’s history is expansive and the involvement of religion therein is undeniable. Through the years, and the changes and turmoil, certain religious traditions remain. And they continue, still.

India has developed a culture where spirituality is omnipresent:

A culture where religious traditions eclipse religion itself.

It is fascinating, no?

You can read about it here.


In two-parts, Symbiosis examines the uniqueness of Indian culture.

Part One explores the marriage of spirituality and culture in India; Part Two discusses globalisation and the changes it has catalysed in the country’s cultural and religious landscape.

Tobias Jurss-Lewis

Tobias is an aspiring journalist, an aspiring screenwriter and an aspiring good bloke.