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LGBT Community: Sculpture Won’t Cut It.

Genevieve Worrell- July 25, 2014

Story by Selina Dowd The Brisbane City Council’s (BCC) funding of a sculpture commissioned by the New Farm Neighbourhood Centre (NFNC) to celebrate and honour ... Read More

Brisbane public transport fails to deliver

Maggie Catlow- November 7, 2012

Students from the University of Queensland (UQ) St Lucia campus are angry and frustrated at Translink and Queensland Rail services. Read More

Costs and new roads means fewer catch the bus

Tara Capel- October 20, 2012

Despite multiple improvements to Brisbane’s public transport network the number of people using the system is falling. Read More

Paying for kindy costs Queensland’s chance to catch up

Amalia Buckerfield- October 5, 2012

The Queensland government has been struggling to catch up with other high-achieving states; the introduction of prep, the entrance age for year 1 being raised ... Read More

UQ students drive to class

Tara Capel- September 21, 2012

University of Queensland (UQ) students are choosing to drive to university rather than catch public transport. Read More

Brisbane graffiti: art or vandalism?

Brandon Livesay- November 1, 2011

In the world of art, graffiti can be a dirty term. Negative portrayals in the media and links to crime and vandalism have tainted the ... Read More

Cyclists call for better infrastructure

Brandon Livesay- September 2, 2011

Cycle advocates say Brisbane needs better and safer infrastructure. Read More