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COMU3150 Allegra Hamilton-Carswell s47016006 Assignment 1: Create

Allegra Hamilton-Carswell- August 18, 2023

https://vimeo.com/855584081?share=copy Allegra Hamilton-Carswell s47016006 COMU3150 Assignment 1: Create Planning Strategy Word Count: 761       Introduction My video focuses on the presence of promotional ... Read More

Promotional Culture and the ‘That Girl’ Aesthetic

Samantha Gallagher- August 17, 2023

Promotional Culture and the 'That Girl' Aesthetic https://vimeo.com/855348495 https://vimeo.com/855348159   https://vimeo.com/855347784     Read More

COMU3150 Ali Farhan Akhmad – A Fresh Take on Promotional Culture in Gacha Game, A case Study of Genshin Impact

Ali Farhan Akhmad- August 19, 2022

The community plays a huge role in a video games revenue whether it is through promoting the game or character or just having a discussion ... Read More