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The world of fast fashion

Jessica Wilkie- October 17, 2021

Its easier to claim environmental consciousness than be it in the world of fast fashion by Jessica Wilkie Summary Fast Fashion is one of the ... Read More

How much do you really know about our oceans?

Philippa Beeson- October 17, 2021

Living in a small country town, around 3 hrs away from the beach, the ocean has never really been something that has been on my ... Read More

Sustainability behind a cup of coffee

Ching Kiu Wong- October 17, 2021

Me as a typical urbanite, drinking coffee somehow has become one part of my daily routine, when I am busying, I have grab and go ... Read More

10 easy sustainability tips

Shirena Habe- November 17, 2020

10 easy sustainability tips you can incorporate into your everyday life We can get caught up in our lives and sometimes fail to register, we ... Read More

A Day in the Life of a Sustainable University Student

Gracie Mackie- November 17, 2020

PART 1 - A Day in the Life of a Sustainable University Student PART 2 - A Day in the Life of a Sustainable University ... Read More

Reimagined Fashion sustainability   

Mansur Alam- November 17, 2020

Reimagined Fashion sustainability   A Journey of self-reflection Introduction For everyday fashion consumer, purchasing affordable styles is essential to maintaining a wardrobe that is in-style ... Read More

The plastic bottle you threw might have gone to this island

Qiwang You- November 17, 2020

The plastic problem in our living environment especially in the ocean has become a global crisis. The data shows that one truckload of plastic garbage ... Read More

Fashion Sustainability Series

Julia Wyer- November 3, 2020

Get inspired! Part 1: Fashion Sustainability Series Part 2: Fashion Sustainability Series Read More

Ditch the Dryer for a More Sustainable 2020

Michael Hylard- November 3, 2020

Your humble clothes dryer is doing more damage to the environment then you could ever imagine. See why Australian's today are switching back to the ... Read More

Individual Sustainability Actions and their Impact

Chloe Healion- November 3, 2020

I have conducted an interview with Tommaso Lo Giudice, an honours student at the University of Queensland. This individual has a unique perspective and has ... Read More

I Have A Dream To Turn Back Time

Qianlin Soh- November 3, 2020

Source: ClimateClock.world How will the world look like in 50 years?     This is a voice narration of a fictional short story about climate ... Read More