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Sustainable Mobility in a Pandemic

Henry Man- October 18, 2021

https://soundcloud.com/user-30527424/netzero-podcast-sustainability-in-a-pandemic-transport-comu3130-henry-man/s-SvbAmn6xOFt?si=ed1a7710658d44a1b42a330e94015036 How can we balance sustainable mobility and public health in a global pandemic? Henry Man investigates how our behaviours are shifting away from public, ... Read More

Indonesia fights a two-wheel turf war

Drew Timbs- May 12, 2017

Rising popularity of online-based ride-hailing apps has created tension on the streets of Jakarta, as traditional motorcycle hailing taxis (ojeks) fight back for demand, claiming territory ... Read More

Mumbai’s deadly drive

Tamara Akl- September 25, 2016

By Tamara Akl In a small taxi on Mumbai’s busiest highway, I sat between my two friends clinging for my life. There were no clear ... Read More

UQ parking premium infuriates students and staff

Sarah Ballard- September 20, 2012

Students and staff at the University of Queensland compete for car parks, misconceptions over commuter parking issue. Read More

Students benefit from busway extension

Jemma Fletcher- September 19, 2011

Communities in Brisbane's Eastern suburbs now have use of the extended Eastern Busway which connects them to Brisbane City and the University of Queensland. Read More