The hidden colours of Mumbai

The hidden colours of Mumbai

By Tamara Akl

Amongst the mountains of rubbish and chaotic roads in Mumbai there is a hidden beauty that exists. In my first 48 hours, I was overwhelmed by the smell, people, humidity and the tooting horns. It wasn’t until I visited Juhu beach on my first night that the extravagant colours of Mumbai really stood out to me. Women and children were dressed in colourful traditional garments of red, pink, blue, yellow and green.

This ‘pop’ of colour seems to be scattered in every corner of Mumbai. Whether it be on a motorcycle, in a flower market or the gateway of India, women are flaunting Mumbai’s hidden beauty.

Tamara Akl

I am currently completing my fourth year of Journalism and Laws at the University of Queensland. I have successfully completed all the required units for journalism and I will now spend the next two years finishing off my law degree. Throughout my studies in journalism, I completed internships at Channel 10 Eyewitness News and ABC News and have hosted two radio shows on JACradio. I have learnt an extensive amount of knowledge regarding the field of journalism and have high aspirations of working in TV. The New Colombo Plan has offered an incredible experience for me to act as a foreign correspondent and create a visual documentary. I chose to create a documentary on a significant issue India is facing that aims to provide an avenue of hope.