Toy unboxing culture – Vlade Joyce



The aggressive proliferation and integration of the promotional culture are considered a norm today. This is becoming especially apparent where brands leverage social media platforms to produce and advertise to their targeted audience. A prime example would be toy unboxing videos, where brands directly connect and influence kids with more than just the traditional advertising tactics. As such, my objectives for this video would be:

To educate the viewers on what promotional culture is and its pervasiveness in today’s digital world, especially on social media.
Viewers to be aware of how brands leverage promotional culture through the use of social media as a form of the channel to promote their brand and its products and/or services, to its targeted audience.
To engage with the viewers through likes, comments, and shares on their respective social media platforms. This way, it increases the visibility of the video to be disseminated. In turn, educating and raising awareness to a larger group of audience.
Target Audience

The target audience for this video is parents and/or adults of those who have kids or know of someone with kids. Due to the nature of toy unboxing videos, brands are mostly targeting kids to watch content creators online to unbox and review toys. As such, by targeting parents and/or adults and educate them about promotional culture on toy unboxing videos, they would be aware of the brands’ tactics and strategies to influence these kids on wanting toys.


The video will be published on Facebook and Instagram due to the target audience mainly using these platforms, effectively reaching out to them. These platforms are a communication tactic as it enables them to like, view, interact and share easily amongst their followers online through the ease of their own digital devices.

Firstly, content-wise, it would be presenting information about toy unboxing and promotional culture in an engaging manner. Due to the target audience being adults, presenting the data and/or studies through visuals or rhetorical questions in between the video, would continuously captivate their attention while obtaining valuable information.

In this way, it not only evokes an emotional response but also adds valuable knowledge and further engages with the targeted audience. Moreover, having a hook at the start of the video such as telling the viewers a shocking statistic about toy unboxing can grab the viewers’ attention and eventually, keeping them interested to watch the rest of the video.

Secondly, as a presenter talking in the video, visuals such as an example of a toy unboxing videos will be also be added onto the screen for viewers to have a better understanding of the learning points from the video.

Thirdly, the video will be less than 3 minutes, where it condenses all of the information about toy unboxing videos and promotional culture. Additionally, for this video to be publicised on any parents groups/pages on Facebook and Instagram to further increase its reach amongst the target audience.

Overall, through the communication and creative tactics used, it would enable the target audience to be educated on the promotional culture and while spreading awareness online.


The first goal is for the target audience to be aware of being easily influenced into buying a brand’s products and/or services online. Additionally, a goal would be for them to gain knowledge on promotional culture and how it is apparent in our day-to-day lifestyle and not just toy unboxing videos. Lastly, for the target audience to take action by disseminating the information from the video either online or word-of-mouth, to increase the video’s engagement with other parents.

Evaluation Metrics

Upon evaluating parents groups on Facebook such as, “Out Tech Your Kids” and “Parenting in a Tech world” and “kidsstopress” on Instagram, these platforms serve as a platform for parents to post questions or share helpful tips, photos, and videos. Based on the videos that were being posted and shared on these pages, I will evaluate the effectiveness of my video to be:


·       Shares = 60 shares

·       Total number of views = 300 views

·       Comments = 40 comments

·       Likes = 120 likes


·       Likes = 50 likes

·       Views = 600 views

·       Comments = 40 comments