Students’ Guide to the Green Scene

Claudia Milenia Lembang- November 17, 2020

As students, we often hear the news for a call to action as a response to climate change. Whether it is from activists or scientists, ... Read More

Intro to vegan cuisine: Taco edition

Reiko Bui- November 17, 2020 This 2-minute simple and easy, mouth-watering vegan Taco will have you saying, "Good bye mince and hello shrooms" . This perfect meal can be ... Read More

A Day in the Life of a Sustainable University Student

Gracie Mackie- November 17, 2020

PART 1 - A Day in the Life of a Sustainable University Student PART 2 - A Day in the Life of a Sustainable University ... Read More

Sustainability and Technology – Innovation Chat

Georgia Schick- November 17, 2020

I had a chat with some current university students, passionate about sustainability. I asked them how we have, and how we can utilise technology in ... Read More

Fast fashion – you can do better!

Fahrinda Putri Poempida- November 17, 2020

Considering both the perks and implications of fast fashion, I decided to interview few of my friends from UQ about their perspective and experiences with ... Read More

“Sustainable Giveaway” – or how to get rid of your old furniture

Alifah Safiana Ashri- November 3, 2020   One of the things I want to share as a university student in foreign country is how to save money and be sustainable ... Read More

Fashion Sustainability Series

Julia Wyer- November 3, 2020

Get inspired! Part 1: Fashion Sustainability Series Part 2: Fashion Sustainability Series Read More

Sustainable life – Every small step counts.

Shuxin Yu- November 3, 2020

Many people sometimes think that the concept of "sustainable life" is a really big idea, however, there are lots of small steps we can do ... Read More

Project Period. UQ

Naomi Lewis- October 30, 2020

Periods. They are the once a month occurrence that sees us heading to the shops and reaching for the products we need to get on ... Read More

Local artist and youth tasked with reclaiming Murgon public spaces

Dante Aloni- October 17, 2019

Watch the video HERE Local Indigenous artist, Kane Brunjes, has been tasked with reclaiming and reshaping Murgon's public spaces. Working alongside youth volunteers, Kane's work ... Read More