Slowing Down The Fashion Industry

Slowing Down The Fashion Industry

The fast fashion industry is one of the most unsustainable and polluting industries on the planet.

Twenty per cent of global water pollution is a result of textile procession, making it the second largest contributor of fresh water pollution on the planet.

Reporter Chloe Belchamber investigates the devastating environmental impacts the fast fashion industry is having on countries like Indonesia, one of the top ten textile producers in the world, and the step towards a new sustainable way of producing fashion.

Chloe Belchamber

Chloe Belchamber is a Journalism and Communication student at the University of Queensland majoring in Public Relations. With an interest in fashion, Chloe has interned for companies such as Princess Polly, Australia's leading women's online retailer. Her main focuses upon this trip will be the environmental impacts of the fast fashion industry.