Welcome to Woodfordia

Welcome to Woodfordia

Tall towers fit for mystical royals, sun shining through large wooden arches, wide eyes watching all those who cross by and a casual oversized pineapple sitting among the rubble. This is Woodfordia.

In recent years the Woodford Festival has been celebrating the visual arts of the site with a number of installations standing tall amongst the crowds.

While the sun’s out, they act as beacons guiding Woodfordians to their hearts’ desires (or stomachs’ desires) and as the moon makes itself visible, the grand structures light up adding colour to the festival’s already vibrant night life.

Made with all natural materials and taking on unusual forms, the structures represent Woodford’s environmentally friendly and free spirited attitude.


Rose Richani

Rose is a second year Journalism student at The University of Queensland. She is interested and passionate about human rights, gender equality, culture, art and music. She likes to explore new places, ideas, people and their stories and in turn share these in different mediums (visual, audio and text) through online platforms.