Who is ET going to call?

If Aliens were to land in the middle of the Queen Street Mall tomorrow, who would we want to represent the human race?

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If aliens landed tomorrow, who would represent the earthings?

While we may believe that the human race coming into contact with extraterrestrial life might just be fodder for a Steven Spielberg movie, it may be closer than we think.

At a recent public lecture conducted by the UFO Research Queensland, Pratima Mumford-Sephton, a spiritual teacher claimed that there could be “mass [extraterrestrial] landings across the world in the next five years”.

Sheryl Gottschall, President of UFO Research Queensland, a non-profit association that records and researches UFO sightings, believes that people should keep an open mind about extraterrestrials making contact with Earth in a public manner.

“I think people should be prepared for that and certainly you do need someone, an appointed person to meet with them,” she says.

An ambassador for extraterrestrials life is not a new idea.

Last year it was reported that Mazlan Othman, a Malaysian astrophysicist and head of the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs was going to be appointed ambassador for extraterrestrial contact.

Both Othman and the UN have denied the reports.

But if Earth or if even cities such as Brisbane were to appoint an ambassador to represent Earth than they would have to be a multi talent individual according to Sheryl Gottschall.

“I think they would have to be very flexible, have excellent communication skills, have to be skilled in negotiations and be very innovative, “she says, as well as adding “They have to have an open mind.”

If you do by any chance come into contact with extraterrestrials life Mrs Gottschall does have some advice.

“I think it’s the same kind of stranger danger, that children are taught. Don’t just jump aboard, unless you truly feel you can trust them.”