A Story of #JosephineInBrisbane

?? A Story of #JosephineInBrisbane ??

Hi ? ? ! I’m Josephine???? , and no worries, I’m just an ordinary college ??? who is trying to save the ? (and my limited amount of pocket ? ) by starting a more ? sustainable life ?

Long story short ? , I moved to Brisbane ?? ? around 450 days ago (don’t count it, I know you won’t) and honestly, it was not easy peasy ? squeezy. As an ??, I usually use ? ? almost all the ? . And since then, I have to ????? everywhere or take the ? instead. Further, grocery ? ? is another story. At that time, back in my country I didn’t have to carry reusable ? and I even collected many plastic bags I got from the stores ?

However, my journey does not ?? there. From the little things I used to find myself comfortable with, I had a big changes coming ? ?

Being exposed to a lot of those environmental campaigns ?? happening either on ? or basically almost anywhere around Brisbane ?, I started to realise that I must change my old habits. The first mistake I made was, I wanted to start big ?

Turns out, my so-called ? sustainable living journey? was not running smoothly ? ? ? . Within the first month of living in ??, I spent most of my ? to purchase organic goods. For example, ? based ?, free range ? and ? ?, and even further, forcing myself to carry reusable ? everywhere which if I forgot to bring them with me, I just casually bought another reusable shopping bag.

I thought I was doing good for the environment, but it does not. I just found other excuses to buy and keep more. It is not sustainable at all ?? ? . The worst part was, after the ? ? ? , ? ? ? I went broke ?

After realising my mistakes (OMG, should’ve realised this sooner ?). Now, ???? proud to say that I’m a better ???? ? . It is not mandatory to buy goods that are labelled ?green or organic? but small things actually matter. Air-dry your ???? after washing them, sun-dry ?? your ? and wash them using cold ? beforehand and use a proper amount of laundry ?. It is as simple as that ???

At the end, I hope that for any of you who face the same struggle as mine, just take a step back ? and realise what you have been doing????????????????, sort out what can be done further. And yes, that’s it ? !

For me, being sustainable is not just an option, it is a lifestyle that has to be built ? ?

Paul Smith

Paul Smith joined the team as manager in July 2013, coming from a background in interactive multimedia and web development. He has worked on many projects involving education, communication and technology.