Meet JAC

JACdigital is a website for students of the University of Queensland’s School of Journalism and Communication. The site showcases the work of journalism and professional communication students and also provides forums for groups associated with the school’s research interests.

Throughout the journalism course, students are trained by industry consultants and academic staff. During the three-year program they learn the skills of reporting, investigating and editing, then apply those skills to storytelling in text, sound, vision and interaction.

The school’s production facilities include a radio studio, sound editing booths, video studio and media production labs. Through a series of short, practical tutorials students also have the option of developing their skills using Adobe software as well as digital sound recorders, video and still cameras.

JACdigital is a key tool in equipping graduates to enter the workplace armed with the skills to create rich digital media.

It is hoped that over time, JACdigital will produce high quality and distinctive content that students can add to their digital portfolios and show to potential employers.

The site will drive innovation in digital storytelling through new approaches to traditional formats.

For more information email: [email protected]

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