Author: Anna Levy

Anna Levy is a journalist studying at the University of Queensland. She is interested in long-form creative storytelling and would love to pursue a career in human rights journalism. She will graduate in 2018 with a Bachelor of Journalism and a Bachelor of Arts, with a major in political science. Her hobbies include art, music and creative writing.

The danger next door: malnutrition on Mumbai’s doorstep

Anna Levy- October 31, 2016

By Anna Levy Just three hours drive away from Mumbai, child malnutrition has hit a record high. With hundreds of deaths occurring every year, authorities ... Read More

Radio documentary: That Time of the Month

Anna Levy- October 24, 2016

By Anna Levy Shame. We’ve all felt it. In most cases, the everyday shame we feel is usually because of what we’ve done, but what ... Read More

The heart of Mumbai

Anna Levy- September 30, 2016

By Anna Levy A labyrinth of poverty and productivity, Dharavi slum stretches over 535 acres and is home to around a million people. Standing at ... Read More

First Contact

Anna Levy- September 25, 2016

By Anna Levy Mumbai is where chaos comes to meet its maker. Twenty million people rattle through narrow streets. They pile into buses, taxis, rickshaws, ... Read More