Author: Charlotte Borland

Charlotte Borland is a final year Bachelor of Journalism student at the University of Queensland. She aspires to tell the stories of others through detailed projects that allow her to indulge her passions of writing and photography. Her hobbies outside of journalism include reading, creative writing, food and, of course, travel.

Espresso Yourself: Brewing Up a Storm at the Starbucks Coffee Championships

Charlotte Borland- October 15, 2016

By Charlotte Borland India is known for its age-old love affair with tea, yet it seems there now may be a new national drink of ... Read More

Flipping Perceptions of Feminism

Charlotte Borland- October 14, 2016

By Charlotte Borland How a student-run magazine in Mumbai is redefining Indian portrayals of feminism, one issue at a time. FULL STORY HERE Read More

I’m a Celebrity, (Don’t) Get Me Out of Here!

Charlotte Borland- September 25, 2016

By Charlotte Borland In a city of 20 million people, it’s uncanny how a small group of university students from Australia still manage to stand ... Read More