Brisbane music ain’t dead

For the past decade, the Brisbane music, art and culture scene has been looked upon by many cities within Australia and around the world as extremely far behind and has often been perceived as the type of place creative minds escape from, and those looking to settle down, flock to.

The sleepy city, which has been listed as one of the world’s most boring cities in previous years, has been the victim of a recent live venue crisis, with over 15 venues closing down and has suffered from slow points in live music touring. The arts culture, which in the past was considered almost non-existent, has recently been recognised by Q-Music, Valley Fiesta, The Brisbane Emerging Artists Festival and a handful of art collectives from in and around the city and is slowing adapting into something more prominent.

However, with the recent edition of events like Big Sound, The Brisbane Festival and It Ain’t Dead, Brisbane is once again re-establishing itself as a cultured city. The following video attempts to encapsulate this idea, and explain the positive effect these events are having on Brisbane bands, artists and the overall culture of the city.