COMU3150 – Samuel Raditya 47103906 – Promotional Culture X Prime Hydration

Samuel Raditya Argo Kuncahyo


Social Media Communication


Project Overview

Situation Analysis

Brand: Prime Hydration

Prime Hydration is a new start-up beverage company that was founded by former influencer and boxing rivals; KSI and Logan Paul. The objective of Prime is to produce a fantastic hydration beverage that can support any way of living. Introducing Prime to the world and showcasing what occurs when rivals unite as brothers and business partners (Prime Hydration, n.d.). Prime is now only available in the market in certain countries at the moment, and the demand for the beverage is fairly high worldwide. The two founders of the company are two major influencers who have millions of fans worldwide that are excited to anticipating to try and consuming their products. The founders of the company mostly do the promotion of the products to gain high traffic and exposure to the brand.



The objectives for the video that is being for the campaign are constructed using the SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timebound) objectives (Atherton, 2019) to help them achieve exposure and engagement using the strategy that can be evaluated and measured.

  • Raising awareness about the promotional culture of Prime Hydration on Tiktok by having 1000 views on the video within 4 weeks by the time that the video has been posted.
  • Gaining the interest of the targeted audience by measuring the likeability of the content and trying to reach 150 likes for the video.
  • Creating a dialogue and engagement toward the promotional culture of Prime Hydration in the comment section by having 10 comments.


Target Audience

The targeted audience for the promotional culture of Prime Hydration is segmented towards a specific audience;

  • Demographic: Male and Female Tiktok users between the age of 16 – 26 years old that have an active lifestyle.
  • Geographic: Australia
  • Psychographic: having an interest in a healthy and active lifestyle, having an interest in KSI and Logan Paul, and having an interest in hydration beverages.
  • Behavioral: Curious about trying new products, regularly doing sports activities, and fitness.



The video will begin with the advertising campaign for other hydration beverages that are available on the market to engage the target audience in the first seconds of the video and show how Prime Hydration is doing its promotion. By also seeing an example of other users taking part in consuming and reviewing the taste of products, it will educate the audience about promotional culture. The comparison of the promotional culture of the videos is to create an exciting, thrilling, and informational educative video for the target audience. The video will include hashtags in the caption, with hashtags, a more relevant collection may be created, the data inside it can be distinguished, and visual languages can be compared. The design makes hashtags searchable, and they link content from users who have no preexisting follower/followee relationship (Geboers & Van De Wiele, 2020). The video will include hashtags that are relatable to the video content which is #PRIME #drinkprime to reach the users that have interacted and have an interest in the brand. 



By watching the video that was created and constructed to engage and have a dialogue with the target audience, the video also helps the audience understand more about promotional culture and promotional skin that brands are doing for their exposure and awareness.


Evaluation Metrics

Impression, reach, and engagement is the three metrics that will be used to evaluate the content’s effectiveness. These measurements are employed because they reflect the campaign’s overall effectiveness. To ensure that social media activity produces the optimum outcomes, these measurements are utilized to optimize and develop social media campaigns in real-time (Atherton, 2019). 


Key Measurements Focus
Impression The number of times the content is displayed
Reach The number of people who have seen the content
Engagement The number of people who have interacted with the content (Likes, Comments, and Shares)


Finally, the total number of the of impression, reach and engagement of that the content will be calculated to the final engagement rate using this formula: 

Engagement = Total Engagements / Impressions x 100


The formula is used total the engagement rate of the content to evaluate the outcome of the video. 


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