[COMU3150]_Chandra Pratama_ What Is “Promotional Culture” & Why We Should Be Wary Of It: The Story of Fyre Festival

Chandra Pratama




The objective of this video is to raise awareness among the viewers towards possible fraudulent promotional activities. It is also preferable if the video ends up on the discover page of the social media platforms that are chosen for uploading such as the ‘for your page’ (FYP) segment on TikTok and the Explore page of Instagram, to make sure this objective is reached. Through this, the video will be guaranteed to have a decent amount of reach towards the users of said social media platforms. This video also invites viewers to actively engage in a discussion through the usage of the comment section.


Target Audience

The main target audience for this video will be social media users that are familiar with most major brands and influencers, ranging from 18 – 25 years old who follows and is up to date with the current trends. Aside from this, users who are active in social media are also included within the target audience, since the main argument of the video is about promotional culture on social media platforms. The target audience also extends to festival goers and/or people who follows and are familiar with the culture of festivals.



The communication tactic will be in the form of combining infographic voiceovers and commentary style of video narration. This specific style is chosen to make the video informative, provided by the narration, yet engaging through the addition of visual information provided throughout the duration of the video. Theoretical discussion will be present in the video, which will serve as a framework for the argumentative narration, however will be kept short and brief so as to not make the video too difficult to follow and bore the viewers.

The creative tactic lies in the editing method for the video. Live commentary will often be cut or superimposed with visual information such as news headlines and pictorial descriptions of events. Key points made throughout the video will either be subtitled or on-screen quoted to highlight the importance of the segment. The additional use of comedic references and internet memes also falls under the chosen tactic for this video, in hopes of creating a casual, informal, and laid back tone. These serve as ice breakers throughout the video as to reinforce the previously mentioned point about not making the video lean too heavily on the theoretical aspect.



The goal of this video is to make viewers obtain a certain degree of awareness towards the promotional agenda of a brand and familiarise themselves with the culture of promotion agenda. It is also hoped that viewers would be able to critically assess promotional materials and to not take them at face value. This video will be using the infamous case of ‘Fyre Festival’ as a reference to create a supporting narrative in relations with the theoretical discussion. Another additional goal is to introduce the viewers and provide a brief yet useful explanation about the theory of promotional culture.

An additional goal for this project is to raise the attention of branded or endorsed content by influencers. As brands would often collaborate with influencers for a promotional agenda. Through this video, it is hoped that viewers would also be able to critically evaluate promoted content from influencers as the aforementioned fraudulent activity could, and have, extended towards the influencer sphere. As viewers gain more awareness towards said agenda, it would be quicker to identify fraudulent activity done by brands and/ or influencers.


Evaluation Metrics

The key performance indicators for this video will be measured through likes, shares, comments. If this video receives a total of 150 likes, 20 shares, and 30 comments across all of the chosen social media platforms, then the video will be deemed as an effective communication method for the issue that is raised. The quantity of the comments is also not the only desired outcome, but as the aforementioned brief, it is hoped that the viewers would participate in an active discussion by using the comments section. If an active discussion is present and it is evidently shown that the viewers are engaging with one another, then the video would be deemed to have a decent effectivity in raising awareness regarding the chosen issue and spreading the intended message.

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What Is “Promotional Culture” & Why We Should Be Wary Of It: The Story of Fyre Festival #FyreFestival

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