Create your portfolio website – JACdigital workshop

Create your portfolio website – JACdigital workshop

Whether you’re doing journalism, arts, or communications, there is a very high chance you will either need to create your own portfolio website, or add content to an organisational website. The ability to demonstrate your knowledge of creating a portfolio online or maintaining a website is now a critical skill across the media and communications industry.

You may want to have a portfolio of your journalistic work, showcase your photography, set up a website for an event, edit an existing website for an organisation, or just be keen to experiment with web design.

When is the workshop?

Friday, the 3rd of May. 9-10am in the Joyce Ackroyd Studio (Building 37, Room 224). You don’t need to book for this workshop – just show up.

What is covered?

This workshop requires absolutely no prior technical knowledge – it will be delivered in plain English and there will be plenty of time for Q&A. It is specifically tailored for journalism, arts and communications students to be as relevant as possible. We will cover:

  • The advantages of breaking free from free website builders and paying for hosting
  • How web hosting works
  • The ins-and-outs of domain names and how to buy one
  • What to look for in hosting plans
  • What are subdomains and why are they relevant to the communications/journalism industry?
  • Useful plugins to professionalise your site
  • Other web resources to further your skills in website creation

Exclusive offer to the workshop – 90% off hosting!

Attendees will receive a special 90% off web hosting code at the end of the workshop. There are limited codes, so make sure you come along and don’t miss out. This will have you owning a domain name (e.g. and a hosting plan for around $30. There has never been a better time to get started!