Fitness Pro – “NO THX ” tional Culture



Fitness Pro – “NO THX ” tional Culture


Short Term objective: The short-term objectives for this video is to have girls commenting on the video to spread the message about fitness culture. This is to be done in a light-hearted, humorous fashion by tagging their friends who buy gym leggings, whilst simultaneously seeks to strike up conversations surrounding fitness culture. In a similar fashion, this video secondly prioritises shares as the consumer can send to a friend who needs to hear the message.

Long Term objective: The long-term objective for this video is have views and saves. Views are important to provide insights on the effectiveness of the video, whilst sharing the message to as many people as possible. Saves are also important as long after the video has been released, the target consumer has the information to refer to. This would be considerably more important when the consumer looks to purchase into the promotional fitness culture.

Target Audience

The target audience for this Instagram TV is targeting Generation Z women, specifically between the ages of 18 to 14 years of age. This generation of women are considered “the ultimate wellness consumer,” thus making them the perfect target for fitness culture exploitation (Malnik, 2021).

Women are specially targeted in this segment, as young women at this age are highly impressionable and body image issues are heightened. Therefore, the goal of this video is to become aware of the fitness culture industry so the young women can evaluate and purchase more considerably.

Generation Z also are known to consume Instagram as a favourite platform, thus Instagram tv’s are no exception to this

(“Gen Z Will Become The Ultimate Wellness Consumer”, 2021)

Communication Tactic

The tactic to this video is humour, jarring graphics and audible and visual interest.

The visual interest at the start of video is to entice the target audience instantly. Then, the overlay of several videos is to create an overwhelming, jarring sensation with the high amount of noise, graphic and information. This is to symbolise how the promotional fitness culture overwhelms the consumer, with the mass amounts of content, promotions and selling tactics.

With being a slightly heavy loaded topic, a sense of humour approach is chosen to lighten the mood and keep the consumer engaged. This is seen with engaging sound effects such as “yas queen” and referring to the previous “fitness queen.”

Scrolling through Instagram as seen in the video creates visual interest and real-world examples. It also highlights the same platform that the consumer is watching the Instagram TV on. The paradox between awareness of the fitness promotional culture on the same platform it is evident in the video, seeks to create a cognitive dissonance in the consumer’s mind. Thus, creating more impactful messaging to the consumer, subsequently leading to more considerable purchase decision making in the future.

An Instagram tv was specifically chosen to optimise the popular platform for Gen Z (Malnik, 2021). Due to the time limitations of reels, Instagram TVs was the natural alternative.

Video Goal

The goal of this video is a reputation goal, where it seeks to deal with the perception around the fitness culture on social media. The target audience is encouraged to become aware of the billion-dollar promotional fitness culture that consistently appears in our everyday lives. Young women in generation Z are at a highly impressionable age and are competing with the mass, highly strategic and enticing fitness promotional culture. Some of these brands under the fitness promotional culture realm, choose to exploit young women’s pain points and consistently reinforce messages such as lack mentality, not being good enough and not being fit enough; thus, providing a promotional solution to the highly impressionable young woman.

Subsequently, the goal for the audience is to become aware, consider and approach their future fitness consumption more apprehensively. The young woman would become educated on how effective branding is in the promotional skin. She would recognise the sheer mass amount of fitness promotional culture and how this constant exposure could be influencing her decision making. Thus, she can then consider more thoughtfully and consciously, what is she actually purchasing and how will the product purposefully fulfill a need.

Evaluation Metrics

The “views” goal is based on research off other Instagram accounts, where the follower ratio to reel views are on par or lower, as seen in the example below. Therefore, a 60% goal of views compared to follower’s ratio is the evaluation metric.

Comments are consistently lower and often less then 10% of the views. However, due to the call to action, this video aims to achieve 15% of comments to the views.

Shares and Saves are also considered in the evaluation metrics to measure how meaningful and “share-worthy” the message in the video was. These insights have only just been released on Instagram tv and reels, therefore there is no comparative numeric goal. Intuitively, a higher number of saves and shares is preferably.



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