Games industry set to hit new heights

Games industry set to hit new heights

The games industry has long played second fiddle to larger entertainment industries like films and music, but it hasn’t looked back since drastically outpacing both of them in growth in 2007.

Australia’s first gaming convention proves a huge success

At the bustling EB Games Expo, gamers were asked their opinions on the culture of gaming, and money spent on games as opposed to other media.

Over two days and three sessions, 15,000 gaming enthusiasts crowded the Gold Coast Exhibition Centre for Australia’s premier EB Games Expo. The event brought together gamers from across Australia for the very first time. Ken Sceele, one organiser of the EB Expo, expressed his delight at the way things went. “It’s like a huge family gathering, we’ve been playing with each other online but we’ve never actually met face to face,” said Mr Sceele.

Attendees were able to mingle, play demos of yet-to-be-released games and receive posters and other gaming-related freebies. Several attendees described the event as proof that a strong culture exists within the gaming community. Between the bustle of conversation, the cosplayers and the games on display, the event was a feast for the senses.

Mr Sceele believes that the Expo is sure to become an annual event. “It’s just turned out to be a huge experience where all the attendees are able to access all the latest games that haven’t even come out yet,” he said. “It’s become huge and hopefully next year will be even bigger.”