Marriage equality debate rages on

Marriage equality debate rages on

The clash of views on gay marriage continues despite concessions from lobby groups on both sides of the debate.

Marriage equality debate rages on

The marriage equality debate rages onto the streets of Brisbane.

Despite their differences, the Australian Christian Lobby and A Progressive Christian Voice Australia have finally come to an agreement on same sex marriage in Queensland.

Very Reverend Peter Catt, the Dean of St John’s Cathedral in Brisbane, said same civil partnerships were a massive step forward for Queensland.

“It’s given people strength. People had to fight hard to prove they were in a relationship in the past,” Mr Catt said.

“It has allowed people some mechanism to deal with these issues and gives them respect and recognition, as well as eliminating discrimination.”

Australian Christian Lobby Queensland director Wendy Francis said this compromise on the issue was something both parties could agree on.

“In the recent big debate about civil partnerships in Queensland I was opposed to civil partnerships; Peter Catt was in favour of civil partnerships,” Mrs Francis said.

“In the end what we’ve ended up with is a relationship register, and I actually think both of us can live with that.”

Despite this, there is still a lot of contention in the community on this issue. Rallies have been a big part of the recent Queensland Pride Festival, as well as events to raise awareness of LGBTI issues in the community. Additionally, the failed same sex marriage bill in Tasmania has shed stark light on the marriage equality debate in Australia.

Independent MP Kerry Finch, who voted for the failed bill, said same sex marriage was an issue that polarized the Tasmanian community.

“This is something that is seen as a big signal to the LGBTI community, something they see as discriminatory,” Mr Finch said.

“To some people, it is a barrier that exists in our community that says, ‘We’re equal, but I’m just a little bit more equal than you.’”

Despite the firm resistance from politicians around the country on both state and federal levels, polls show increasing public support for gay marriage. It’s clear this contentious issue is yet to be fully resolved, and the debate for and against marriage equality will surely continue for months to come.


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