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Muhammad Prabhaswara Wisnumurti_COMU3150
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Situation analysis
K-pop has taken over the world by storm. It has been conquering the music industry globally and has been the centre of attention for quite some time. Jessica Ho or more known as Jessi, was born on December 17, 1988. She is a Korean-American singer, rapper and also entertainer that is mainly based in South Korea. Jessi was born in New York and raised in New Jersey however she moved to South Korea at the age of 15 years old.

For her new single, Zoom, she has created a challenge called the #zoominzoomoutchallenge or the #zoomchallenge. This is done to promote her new song and to gain free promotion through the content of others by using a fun and unique way of promoting. Through TikTok, this challenge has let people copy their dance moves and dance along to her new song Zoom, and due to the app being free and the features of the app free to use as well, she has succeeded in gathering hundred millions of views and millions of TikTok user participating in the challenge itself. Due to the popularity of the challenge itself, it has become common for even casual users of TikTok to see this challenge and listen to a part of her song through their FYP (for you page), which then piques the interest of people who originally are not in K-pop music or unaware of K-pop music in general.

To help reach the goals of this campaign, the method of SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relatable, time-bound) will be used to direct and assist this campaign to help reach the goal effectively.
– To raise awareness regarding promotional culture in social media platforms, in this case, TikTok, by reaching 1000 views in two weeks.
– To gain their interest regarding the topic by reaching 55 likes in two weeks.
– For them to engage and interact with the video and the topic spoken in the comment section by reaching 15 comments in two weeks.

Target Audience
Demographic: Male and Female TikTok users between the age of 15 until 35
Psychographic: People raised with technology, K-pop fans, frequent song listeners
Geographic: Queensland, Australia
Behavioural: Daily users of TikTok or social media in general, enjoys new and exciting content, enjoy creating content, enjoy listening to music

Through TikTok’s advanced visual effects, sound effects and hashtags, the campaign video will incorporate popular and exciting features of TikTok to grab the attention of users scrolling through the FYP (for you page). The campaign video will start with the original dance video of Jessi doing the challenge with a hashtag of #Zoominzoomout, #Zoomchallenge and #fyp. This is done with the purpose of making the campaign video reachable to the target audience and ensuring that this video can go through their FYP. Using these hashtags, it helps maximize the chance of this video reaching users through TikTok’s algorithm as well as a way for users to search and trace back the video. Hashtags are crucial since it functions as linguistic markers which validates the following social relation: “Search for me and affiliate with my value!”. Hashtags are made searchable by the interface, which allows it to connect other users that has the same interest or viewers that are not on your friend list to interact and engage in the same topic of conversation with other users. (Geboers & Van De Wiele, 2020).

The goal of this campaign is to raise the awareness of users of TikTok regarding the issue of brands and promotional culture and to explain how promotional cultures work throughout these platforms, especially TikTok.

Evaluation metric
The evaluation metrics will guide this campaign in seeing how successful the campaign really is. Through measures of the engagement rate of the video with users that came across the video, the impression that the video had for the viewers, and the reach that the video has achieved through the view count of the campaign video itself. These data will be gathered and processed by TikTok itself, which makes it easier for the video to be assessed. Setting specific criteria to measure the success of the campaign will help avoid irrelevant criteria being added to the equation when concluding whether or not the campaign was a success, such as a follower count.

Engagement – The number of people that have interacted with the content through comments
Reach – The number of views that it has gathered
Impression – The number of likes the content has gathered



Geboers, M. A., & Van De Wiele, C. T. (2020). Machine Vision and Social Media Images: Why hashtags matter. Social Media + Society, 6(2), 205630512092848.