Nothing is Unchangeable – But Where to Start?

The key to telling a captivating story is simply being able to relate to your audience and make them feel something (Moin, 2022). Storytelling through song is a great way to engage a listener with various content (Lockton, n.d.).

Currently, sustainability is largely communicated through rules, regulations, ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) protocol and protesting. My vision is to take the important messages of sustainability and transform them into different engaging mediums to captivate an audience in an entirely different way. This deconstructs the often confusing and overwhelming information we consume about sustainability making is less complex to understand.

Nothing is Unchangeable is a sustainability project taking its main form through song. At first the lyrics seem to depict an unhealthy relationship between two people; however, it is really a metaphor for how we as humans treat the Earth. At first it may just seem like a normal song, but as the song goes on it becomes clearer that it is about the human impact on the environment.



Lyrics to the song

Nothing is Unchangeable – Lyrics

Lyrics meaning and narrative structure

Lyrics Unpacked & Narrative Structure Analysis

The song has been crafted to follow the narrative plot structure below.

Narrative structure

(Docimo & Littlehale, n.d.)

The lyrics can also be translated into poetry or used on posters such as the one below.


Poster for social media or print media



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