P.Palette Studio Unboxing- promotional culture

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Hello everyone, today I will be discussing promotional culture while I unbox my stationery set from P.Palette Studio.

According to Andrew Wenwick definitions of ‘promotional culture’ it is a process that defines the object and mechanism of advertising, packaging and public relations through a promotional process. Such as, what I am doing here is opening a curated box for aesthetic stationary collectors like myself.

Oh what a surprise, she included a (pencil emoiji)  


But the question is why stationery unboxing and unboxing videos in general? \


Due to the impact of COVID social media has influenced people to revert back to the nostalgic days- much like this (journal emoji) I bought 


Since most people can’t do their retail therapy- why not bring the retail therapy through the screens of ASMR unboxing? 


The sensory system of something tangible, is a grounding force that can allow users to enjoy the sensation of what ASMR truly is. 


However, this has caused quite an interesting topic for scholars like Cunningham. 


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He argues that this creator and consumer relations does impose on the ethical concerns.

The concern of unboxing videos becoming product placement rather than a source of entertainment. 


While on the other hand, unboxers labelled themselves as “Social Media Entertainers” rather than “advertisers”. 


These discourses are still ongoing of what will take shape in the future domain for unboxers. 


Hope you guys learnt something new about promotional culture and the discourses of it! 



(heart beating emoji) P.Palette Studio offers many extras to each customer (hear beating emoji) 


Making their items personable 


It is a feel good all package 


May you find your colour (Paint palette emoji top)