Promotional culture



The influence of social media and advertising on our lives is increasing, and they are integrated into all parts of people’s daily lives. Both social media and advertising have the same thing in common: publicity. Some fashion brands now work with the media, and they use the concept of the female form to attract consumers. However, some media concepts promote the idealisation of thinness. Many fashion brands have posters of very thin and muscular models to promote the brand’s core values. When media and marketing companies push the rational image of thinness, this can lead to negative psychological pressure and a poor body image for women. The risk of this effect is not only mental health, but can develop into physical problems. There are media reports that 20 million women in the US suffer from some eating disorder due to the effects of body image.


Therefore, I hope that I can raise awareness of health and understand the means of selling media brands to women aged 18-29. The short-term goal is to reach 3,000 views, 1,500 likes, 800 shares and 500 comments. This video encourages more women to understand the importance of healthy beauty. The long-term goal is that the media and brands clearly understand the campaign’s impact and focus on each body shape to promote a positive body image for each body shape.



Target Audience 


The target audience is women between the ages of 18-29 who are not earning a steady income. According to statistics, for social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and TikTok, 18-29-year-olds are the largest groups of users. The video is mainly placed on Facebook, and women in this age group receive different messages and comments, and they are open to them. On top of that, the video focuses on body image anxiety for women. Promotional culture can take many forms and has a promotional function in combination with advertising media.





The video was placed on social media platforms where viewers could engage conversationally by liking, sharing and commenting. In the video, I considered the extension of the promotion in terms of women’s mental health. Moreover, incorporate images and quotes. For example, showing photos of thin, bony models and introducing other eating disorders made viewers aware of the seriousness of the media’s promotional practices. Alternatively, invite high-profile influencers to participate in discussions and share the video to increase the number of views. Because the video serves to disseminate, the campaign’s mechanics are the same as the promotional format.





Society’s standards for the beauty of the female body are constantly being shaped and vary from period to period and stage to stage. The increasing use and influence of the media have had a significant impact on people around the world. Fashion brands have pushed the image of the ideal beauty of thinness in order to attract consumers. Core brand values are set. And the increase in media use and advertising has helped promote the media concept of the ideal of thinness.


The increasingly inclusive world and the popular aesthetic should be broader. Women’s fashion clothing or lingerie brands are now no longer narrowly positioned. For example, the lingerie brand founded by American pop sensation Rihanna has been recognized by the mass market for its diverse and inclusive brand concept. Therefore, the goal of this video is relationship management. They are allowing the target audience about the beauty of different body types. And encouraging the audience, especially women target audience, to positively face their bodies. In addition, the media has made progress in terms of the relevance of negative body images, but there are still many problems. I hope that unrealistic beauty standards will not be imposed on women.



Evaluation Metrics 


Firstly, the overall marketing number of the video placement platform is analysed according to its data. The combination of quality information must be perfect in terms of content and form, content and channel, to achieve the desired communication effect and reach the audience effectively. Typically, a video that makes the characters move while describing some background information and less noticeable details in the text will increase the communication effect and raise the audience’s interest. I think 1,000 likes, 500 shares, and 300 comments are a relatively effective spread for this video.