With the development of human society, the original dense `forests, crystal clear rivers, green grass, colourful and beautiful flowers, birds flying freely in the air, animals running freely on the grassland, have become bare tree stumps, black and smelly rivers, withered grass, birds imprisoned in bird cages and lost their freedom, and various animals have become the delicacies on the human table one after another. The birds were imprisoned in bird cages and lost their freedom. What a suffocating environment it is!

Technology is developing, the country is progressing, but the earth, on which we live, is suffering from pollution and destruction, and it is exhausted. However, human behaviour is also punished by nature, natural disasters continue year after year, mudslides, sandstorms, earthquakes, acid rain. In recent years, the earth’s environment is gradually deteriorating, and the cutting down of trees not only makes the trees less and less, but also makes the land desertification serious. Tall buildings cover a piece of land, car exhaust, industrial emissions, pollution of our air and water.

  In recent years, global warming is a serious problem that everyone has realized. At the same time, climate change is becoming something we can taste. This is a kitchen-table issue in the literal sense.According to NASA (2022), 2016 and 2020 were the hottest years on record.Global warming and climate change are inextricably linked. We should face up to the seriousness of this problem.

Population growth is one of the main factors contributing to global warming. At the same time, it also seriously threatens the balance of natural ecological environment. The amount of carbon dioxide emitted by such many people each year alone will be a staggering number, and the result will directly lead to the continuous increase in the content of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, thus forming the carbon dioxide greenhouse effect, which will directly affect the climate change on the earth’s surface.

Ten bushfires broke out this summer in China Chongqing due to global warming. It’s an amazing thing, because of the heat radiation from a month of 45-degree temperatures. The heat radiation caused forest fires, and construction workers who were working outside were affected by heat radiation and died of water shortage.

Due to excessive deforestation for timber, reclamation of land for agricultural production and overgrazing, vegetation reduction and land destruction have further worsened the ecological environment. According to WorldData, an average of 17 typhoons occurs in China every year. In September this year, Ningbo, China was hit by the 12th typhoon ‘Muifa’. During the typhoon, fishermen could not go out to sea to fish, and the passenger ferry routes were suspended, which caused a series of social problems such as economic decline and rising unemployment rate in Ningbo.

If the problem of climate change continues, the consequences can be imagined to be very serious. For example, the cold season will be shorter, and the hot season will be longer. It can lead to droughts, typhoons, and other extreme weather. Even the species on Earth are severely reduced, leading to extinction. We should implement sustainable development to protect the earth.

Is sustainability a difficult project to accomplish? Most people will say yes and think that their own contributions won’t fix the situation.But do you think it’s true?

Sustainable development is indeed a long fight, but it does not mean that our small contribution is insignificant. Bees work from the 21st day after birth, from morning to night, from spring to autumn, dedicated to their own honey business, until death. Great cause and hard pay are in direct proportion, there is a pay there is a harvest, accumulate over time, from less to more, miracles will appear. When we contribute to sustainable development, we will not feel the change of the earth immediately, but each of us makes a small contribution in the long term, which will create a better earth environment in the future and for our descendants.

However, these small contributions are difficult for many people. Some people are willing to make these contributions but see that the public doesn’t care about these details, so they are forced to follow the public and ignore them. For example, cities require garbage sorting, and young people have a good plan for kitchen waste, hazardous waste, recyclable waste, and non-recyclable waste. But when they go out to throw garbage, they see that the old people do not care about garbage classification, and casually put into the bin, the young people think that garbage classification is not necessary, and the next time will not be garbage classification treatment.

What’s more, some people can’t even make these small contributions. Because they have the wrong idea that these actions will not make any difference to climate change, so they just ignore these small things. For example, when you go out to buy vegetables, you can bring your own cloth pockets, or reusable plastic bags, so you don’t have to go to the mall to buy plastic bags. Bring your own glass or thermos when you go to the coffee shop, so you can cut down on the use of disposable paper or plastic cups when shopping for coffee. In fact, these small actions will slowly make a difference to climate change. Reducing the use of white waste is also a disguised contribution to the world, so why not?

I am not a person with strong appeal, and I cannot organize people to participate in sustainable development activities. I am not a person with strong action motivation, and I do not take the initiative to participate in environmental protection activities such as planting trees. But I can ask myself to start small to protect the earth, and I will do my bit for sustainable development. At the same time, I will share with you what I think is sustainable development. If you find it useful, you can follow my example and make a small contribution to the world as well.

1. Go out by electric bike

Riding an electric bike has been my normal state. First of all, electric bikes are very safe, because they are slow and light in the non-motor lane, so you just need to be careful. Electric cars are also very flexible, so you don’t have to worry about parking or traffic jams. What’s more, it can save energy and reduce emissions, protect the environment, and reduce road congestion. In the case of non-renewable oil, this amounts to a national and social contribution. I usually just rent a shared bike outside. I don’t need to take it home to charge, I just need to stop at the appropriate area when I return it. In this way, the staff can also quickly find the vehicle and bring it back to the company for unified charging.

2. EV

My family has replaced all conventional cars with electric vehicles. For modern society, electric cars are used more often than conventional cars because they are believed to be cheap to use, about one-fifth of the cost of gasoline cars. Moreover, the energy conversion efficiency is high, and the energy of braking and downhill can be recovered to improve the utilization efficiency of energy. The second is that electric cars don’t make as much noise as transmission cars, so the noise produced is very low. And then electric vehicles using power battery pack and motor drive power, work will not produce exhaust gas, do not emit exhaust pollution, environmental protection, and air clean is very beneficial. Therefore, driving electric cars can effectively reduce carbon dioxide emissions and make travel greener.

3. Garbage sorting and recycling 

Our city requires the implementation of a garbage classification policy, and we also have a special garbage classification box in our community. According to government advertisements, the benefits of garbage sorting and collection include reducing the floor space and improving the land utilization rate. Household wastes contain many harmful and non-degradable wastes, and waste treatment in China mostly adopts the method of compression landfill, which occupies a large amount of land resources. If the waste is separated and the recyclable waste is removed, the amount of landfill will be reduced by 60%. The most important significance of garbage classification is to reduce environmental pollution, in order to protect the existing resources, protect the ecological environment, and protect the diversity of organisms. So from now on, support garbage classification, propaganda garbage classification, do a good job of garbage classification, become the environmental protection of the earth!

4. Paper bags are recycled

The biggest benefit of paper bags is environmental protection, because paper bags as garbage after throwing away, can be quickly degraded in the natural action of microorganisms, water, oxygen, decompose into harmless substances, unlike plastic bags that are not easy to degrade. Besides, my mother will reuse the paper bags we get from shopping, such as making them into card bags or small trash cans, which can not only be used for waste, but also beautify the home environment through storage. After the paper bags are thrown away, the factory can also recycle the wastepaper, which helps to reduce the disposal of garbage and reduce the pollution to the environment. Moreover, paper is more convenient to recycle than plastic.


It’s not just me who is making a small contribution to sustainability, there are many large companies that are quietly supporting sustainability.

5. The hotel implements environmental protection measures

When I stayed at the Westin Chongqing, I noticed that their toiletries had been replaced by large bottles and slippers were wrapped in strips of paper. Previously, the Westin offered toiletries in small bottles and slippers in plastic bags. The hotel’s move to provide large bottles of toiletries instead of small disposable packages echoes the government and national restrictions on plastic products. Secondly, the slippers are packed with paper instead of plastic bags, which greatly reduces the generation of white pollution and avoids the waste of resources.


We are not alone in our efforts to develop a sustainable path. From individuals to enterprises, from enterprises to cities, we are all making small efforts.

6. Chongqing power rationing policy

Chongqing, my hometown, has implemented power rationing policies during the hottest days of the year. Due to climate change, the temperature is too high, leading to drought and water shortage. More than 80 percent of Chongqing’s electricity is generated by hydropower, but the nationwide heat has halved many reservoirs, and even the Jialing River in Chongqing has bottomed out. The government calls on the public to save electricity and share the trouble together. The government led the way by cutting unnecessary electricity use by 70%, followed by large shopping malls and then companies. Everyone is cooperating with the government’s decision. The extreme weather caused by climate change has kept Chongqing residents in a high temperature above 45 degrees Celsius for a month, which has made us deeply aware of the importance of preventing global warming.


To curb global warming, to prevent climate change. Protecting the earth’s ecological environment has become our obligation, the life of people more and more rich, rapid economic development, the earth had better ecological environment has been destroyed rags, environment better a handful of countries, use earth has reached “shelf life”, in order to let us live in the face of the earth to restore previously, We must protect the earth’s ecological environment.

Through my sharing, I can feel that it is small to contribute to sustainable development, but these small actions can make a big difference in the future. Saving electricity, saving water, and using less plastic are all contributing to sustainable development. Step by step to achieve sustainable development, from the simplest start, implementation to practical action. I know our energy is limited, and we can’t call on all of us to make these achievements. However, a little action can also make a big impact. I hope everyone will be responsible for the environment we all live in and contribute our small efforts to change the situation.

Let’s do finite resources, infinite cycle. Protect the environment, start from me, start from the small things around. Human beings have only one earth, we should protect the environment.