Skims and Kim Kardashian

Skims and Kim Kardashian


skims and kim kardashian


Hello, this is Eren. First of all, I have a question for you. If you were walking down the street and suddenly met a shooting incident, and you had only one piece of clothing to protect you, what would it be? This… This one? Or maybe this. In July this year, an American netizen shared her experience of being shot on TikTok and gave one of the best answers -skims. The woman said she survived being shot four times because she was wearing a Skims shapewear. The reason is that the Skims shapewear is too tight, which accidentally plays a hemostatic function. Today she calls Skims “female armor.” Kim Kardashian later reposted the video on her Instagram. I can’t help but start to think that it is the magical experience of the user that leads to an invaluable product marketing.

Kim Kardashian, who knows how to properly use herself as cultural propaganda, is the face of many labels: businesswoman, sexy, self-discipline, willing to try new things, and rich.Accroding to Wernick (1991) ,he pointed out that promotional strategies are aimed at arousing desires and wishes, positioning consumption as a means of self-expression and social belonging. One newspaper once commented on her: Kardashian is a model of the concept of becoming famous for the sake of fame.For example, in the Kardashian family, Kim Kardashian often shows off her products on the show. In daily life, paparazzi often follow her to show her life status and attitude, often causing imitation on social media.These strategies rely on the emotional appeal of the public, and Kardashian has created a culture of constant demand through her external expression, in which goods represent not only functional value, but also symbolic meaning. And the purchase of a skims undoubtedly represents recognition of the influence of her promotional culture on identity formation.

People define themselves through Skims and express their personality by imitating what Kardashian wears every day. Cultural promotion at Skims extends beyond selling products to shaping attitudes, desires and lifestyle choices. On TikTok, it’s common to see people showing off their bodies and products in short videos, and the comments below are a process that promotes cultural discussion. We can see that some people think this is beautiful and do not hesitate to praise the other party.Others may think that skims tights are selling body anxiety. Such controversies also drive traffic for brands.

A good advertisement or product will always generate controversy, but controversy is also a form of marketing, which means more people are watching and talking about skims. Kardashian herself is also trying to solve this problem by looking for models of different sizes?It also gives female users with purchasing power on social media the ability to buy and find clothes that fit them.