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Drug coverage linked to increased use

Eugenie Turrisi- November 8, 2012

The media has seen a sudden resurgence in drug related stories. Drug experts have suggested that this over-exposure of drugs in the media may increase ... Read More

‘Digital first’ is the media mantra

Georgia Kerr-Reeve- October 31, 2012

Earlier this year, the Walkley Foundation released a report Journalism at the speed of bytes: newspapers in the 21st century. (more…) Read More

Gold Coast battling trouble in paradise

Rowan Sparkes- October 21, 2012

The Gold Coast has grown into South-East Queensland’s major tourism hotspot, with its sunny subtropical climate, surfing beaches, high-rise skyline and rainforest hinterland. However, beneath ... Read More

Press freedom threatened by proposed law

Ace Tamayo- October 17, 2012

Press freedom is at risk and could be threatened by the proposed changes to the national security law, according to the Media, Entertainment and Arts ... Read More

Digital era changes newsroom

Matthew Dunn- October 4, 2012

As new media rises to the forefront of the industry, companies are adapting and revolutionising the way the newsroom operates. Read More

Loans.com.au takes mortgages online

Jane Farrugia- September 3, 2011

Online non-bank mortgage lender Loans.com.au is taking lending to the next level through its integrated online and virtual communication strategy. Read More