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New attractions thrill crowds

UQekka- August 14, 2012

Kathryn Foran discovers the latest thrills the Ekka has on offer this year Read More

UQ graduate a showgirl runner-up

Paul Smith- August 12, 2012

Queensland Miss Show Girl winner Jessica Robinson and first runner up Caitlin Holding A University of Queensland journalism and arts graduate was named first runner-up ... Read More

JACtv launches Y Vote

Paul Smith- February 29, 2012

  Y Vote is a weekly web-TV show being produced by UQ journalism students in the lead-up to the Queensland state election. (more…) Read More

Games industry set to hit new heights

Ashley Ang- October 31, 2011

The games industry has long played second fiddle to larger entertainment industries like films and music, but it hasn’t looked back since drastically outpacing both ... Read More

Hit the JACpot

Paul Smith- March 31, 2011

Looking for a job or work experience? Check out new listings on SJC's JACpot site. Read More

Government censors press in Fiji, claims editor

Paul Smith- March 31, 2011

The editor of one of Fiji's main daily newspapers has told an overseas audience that government control of the media has resulted in major news ... Read More

Media boss shares job secrets

Paul Smith- July 19, 2010

Editor-in-chief of Queensland Newspapers, David Fagan, revealed what he wanted from graduates who apply for jobs. Read More