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COMU3150 Tik Tok x Promotional Culture #TarteTok

Claudia Browning- September 14, 2023

This video encapsulates how Cosmetics company Tarte uses Promotional Culture to form relationships with its audience through its Tik Tok content. Tik Tok x Promotional ... Read More

Crocs x Promotional Culture on Tik Tok: 3 parts

Lilly McCoomb- September 14, 2023

These videos explain the relationship between Crocs and Promotional Culture on Tik Tok. It is a campaign video intended to be posted on the platform ... Read More

COMU3150 Allegra Hamilton-Carswell s47016006 Assignment 1: Create

Allegra Hamilton-Carswell- August 18, 2023

https://vimeo.com/855584081?share=copy Allegra Hamilton-Carswell s47016006 COMU3150 Assignment 1: Create Planning Strategy Word Count: 761       Introduction My video focuses on the presence of promotional ... Read More

TikTok filters and Promotional Culture

Charlotte Levick- August 17, 2023

Content creators are using TikTok filters for what they think is fun, when actually, they are promoting brands for free! https://vimeo.com/855260417?share=copy Read More

COMU3150 Assignment 1 – Promotional Culture in Video Games David Tang 47389036

David Tang- August 17, 2023

  https://vimeo.com/855249768?share=copy https://vimeo.com/855249749?share=copy https://vimeo.com/855249693?share=copy Read More

Laura Kelly – COMU3150 – Promotional Culture and the #WhatIEatInADay Trend

Laura Kelly- August 16, 2023

Promotional culture has become embedded in our daily lives and the content we casually consume. The #WhatIEatInADay trend plays into this in a negative manner. ... Read More

COMU3150 – (Anggia Paramitha Putri 47099429) Exposing the Beauty Industry on TikTok x Promotional Culture

Anggia Paramitha Putri- August 19, 2022

Anggia Paramitha Putri - 47099429 Exposing the Beauty Industry on TikTok x Promotional Culture https://vimeo.com/740980578   Read More

How How does promotion culture infiltrate our lives?

Jiayi Hu- August 19, 2022

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