The Ugly Truth about Make up Waste

COMU3150 Social Media Communication

Student Name: Gracetania Shalom Joenan                           Student Number: 47563265

Assessment 1: CREATE_Planning Strategy                         Word Count: 772



Consumerism is an economical, social, and political phenomenon characterized by mass production and consumption development. It is driven by the idea of an unnecessary and excessive amount of accumulation of goods and services that deplete natural resources, creates an ecological imbalance, and other concerning environmental impacts. Yet, the strong correlations between capitalism and the growing market demands have driven the beauty industry to produce more makeup to sustain consumerist trends. Due to product residue and the complex nature of cosmetic packaging, cosmetic products are difficult to recycle through normal processes. Consequently, beauty products generate vast amounts of waste, but It is difficult to find reliable figures on how much waste the cosmetics industry generates. However, Australia’s Department of Agriculture, Water, and the Environment mentions that most cosmetic waste is in landfills. Experts argue that most onus is on consumers to mitigate the cause problem.



The never-ending global makeup waste thus pushes me to raise a campaign and awareness regarding reducing cosmetic waste. This action can be done through individuals, as before more robust programs were developed, people could make many simple and minor changes to tackle the problem at home. As for my promotional culture video, I want my audience to see that the ideas that I demonstrated are pretty simple and easy to do but at the same time are impactful and are a significant action to help change the environment. Hence, I plan to create a new perspective and way of thinking regarding cosmetic waste reduction and consumerism behavior related to beauty products.



I targeted my promotional video content will get more than three thousand viewers. It is fair to say that I am focusing more on the value of viewers’ attention. Whereas if the amount of clickthroughs is high, the numbers of likes, comments, and shares hopefully will increase. As for the other metrics, I hope to reach around 100 likes and 50 comments with a minimal number of ten shares. However, I am still hoping for the engagement to get higher than the target.

Target Audience

Although this message can be applied to all public, especially women, regarding their age and background, I want to focus more on young people as they intend to keep up with recent trends and new beauty products. Specifically, young people aged 15 to mid-30s are easy to approach as they are trendy yet still open-minded, especially for the excellent environmental change. Not only that, but the high consumerism issue is also very attached to them, to the point that they are one of the ones who have such a massive impact on this matter. As it is a warm and exciting topic to talk about, I believe that once they get the dispatch that I try to convey, they will share the information with their closest ones and surroundings and on their social media. With that being said, the message itself will be able to expand more and reach other audiences besides the targeted ones.



I will make concise three videos of 60seconds TikTok with different three concepts as well. The first video will be me sharing the information with a shocking fact and word tone by the use of the recent popular filter in TikTok. The second one will be me comparing what should people do to help reduce makeup waste in a style of compilation video using a popular TikTok song and dance. Lastly, will be a “declutter my makeup” video theme where I sort my old makeup and try to separate the unused products for donation and the ones that are already expired to be thrown away. Overall, I wanted to share my main concern with the audience with a light and attractive message that are easy to catch by the audience. Rather than clearly and directly show my intention for the video, I choose to convey my message implicitly as it will be more engaging and catchy.


Evaluation Metrics

My evaluation metrics will measure the percentage of people who view my content and the number of shared content. I expect my target to reach 20 to 30 percent of the viewers who may share the content. Hence, I think it will be a good start for the video content itself if those percentage of the viewers willingly share the content with their friends as it may also increase content engagement.As for the video comments, I will see it as an achievement if the statements people give in the sections discuss the value of the video message itself and not other minor supplementary components. For this, I am confident enough that this metrics measurement may evaluate whether I have created an effective process resulting in a promotional culture.




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