“Thrill” blind box & “Surprise” blind box

 Blind Box Culture

“Surprise boxes”are mainly consumed by young people because they contain anime, film and television peripherals, and fashion items and are favored by young people. The market space of “the blind box economy” is significant, and its industrial chain is relatively mature; the blind box market is really in a state of continuous expansion, and it is expected that the size of the surprise box industry in 2025 will reach 25 billion yuan. Young people’s favor for surprise boxes is like middle-aged people’s obsession with stocks, so buying surprise boxes has become one of the trendy cultures of young people nowadays.

POPMARET's Mega Space Molly series in the midst of blind box culture.


The surprise box has a lot of consumer space, with a sense of freshness and excitement, but the surprise box is not everything that can be “blind” to rational consumption. To maintain a healthy and legal market order, establishing a benign surprise box consumer culture, following the healthy and stable “blind box fever” state, continue to appear! In everyone’s view.