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What are you hoping to achieve through this video? For example, comments, likes, shares, click-throughs.

Through this video, I wish to achieve more shares as I want to target a community group in Queensland. The video is about how youngsters of Queensland can use their TikTok videos for attracting a like-minded audience. The video does not provide any tutorial but gives awareness to the Tiktokers about the ‘CommunityToks’ feature that is launched by Tiktok. The video says the advantage of using Tiktok for youngsters and how CommunityTok will help them to target the subgroup segment or niche market audience. When the video will be introduced to their like-minded audience, they will click the buttons of like, share and comment, which will enhance the engagement. So, the video is done for promotional purposes to raise awareness of promoting TikTok videos with ease.ACTION - playing tiktokPEOPLE – two girls

Who is the target audience for this video?

The target audience of this video is the youngsters of Queensland, who belong to the age group between 16-24 years. For this age group, TikTok is the best usable medium as the meta platforms have more restrictions on the use of under-18 users. Also, Facebook and Instagram videos are saturated with advertisements. So, this platform is best for the under-18 to above 18 TikTokers. This video will help them to become aware of the CommunityTok feature that will enable them to create more videos freely and upload them to the subgroup. This enhancement of the CommunityTok feature will increase their earnings through TikTok by engaging more audiences of their video’s target segment. When the videos will be able to create more engagement by increasing views, shares, likes, comments and click-throughs, it will contribute more popularity and money to the Tiktokers.

What are your communication and creative tactic to reach and engage this target audience?

In this video, my communication and creative tactic are to use short one-liner or two liners features of CommunityToks and add images with every different action in the video. I use colourful small images in the video that will appeal to the users. I used a simple Title and catchy message in the subtitle so that the audience will understand easily. Thee subtitle will help them in grasping the content very fast. Here my main tactic is, to use short texts with the photos. The number of photos will be increased with the number of text information because the Tiktokers are more inclined to visual communication than to read text.

What are you trying to get your target audience to do or think?

I want my target audience to be aware of CommunityTok’s usefulness. I want them to know that they should not be very cautious while creating the video or performing in the video because the subgroup audience will suggest to them what they like and dislike. So, the Tiktokers should more focus in engaging the audience. The rest of the thing will be built based on the audience’s responses. So, my goal is to let the Tiktokers focus more on the community subgroups, than focusing more on the creativity of the content.

How will you measure the effectiveness of this video? For example, how many comments, likes, or shares etc.

I will measure the effectiveness of the video by measuring the number of shares. The more it will be shared, the more it will be valuable for the community group. When the users feel that the content will help their like-minded audience group or can be prefered by a similar audience, they click on the ‘share’ button. Then I will choose the ‘comments’ for measuring the effectiveness of the video. The comments will measure the qualitative measuring while the shares will be used as a quantitative measuring. I will select a benchmark number for shares and comments. The benchmark determines the standard rank. Below the benchmark, the rank will be average. Below the average, the rank will be low. Above the benchmark, the ranking of the video will be high ranking. Above the high ranking, it will be excellent. This way, I will figure out the effectiveness of the promotional video.