Unpacking the #CleanGirlAesthetic through the lens of Promotional Culture

Unpacking the #CleanGirlAesthetic through the lens of Promotional Culture

TikTok has rapidly scaled to be one of the world’s fastest growing and most downloaded apps, with gen z through to boomers downloading, engaging and creating daily on the platform (Sensor Tower, 2021).

The app has become central to many people’s daily lives; with 29% of users opening TikTok every day and spending an average of more than 1.5 hours over the course of 8 sessions (Sensor Tower, 2022).

This has reshaped the world of marketing and promotion, with the rise of various trends alongside user’s willingness to create promotional content for brands and lifestyles they love. This has created a newfound experience of agency and decentralisation of power, given TikTok’s ability for even the smallest creators to reach tens of thousands of people.

Trends have gained popularity and momentum, for example, the hashtag #cleangirlaesthetic currently has over 503.3 million views.

The #cleangirlaesthetic is the culmination of several subculture trends such as #modeloffduty, #freshfaced #thatgirl and #maincharacterenergy. It’s characterised by no makeup-makeup, claw clips, linen clothing, gold jewellery, pilates, hot girl walks and eating plenty of fruits and veg. 

#cleangirlaesthetic is a prime example of promotional culture, where individual’s sense of self and values are shaped by this overarching community, driven by consumerism. 


You can view the TikTok campaign below.