YIFEI CHEN-46199555-COMU3150: CREATE Social Media Str ategy Get recognized in C-POP x Promotional Culture

Music is an art form and a way of cultural communication. It can bring happiness as
well as convey sadness to listeners, and music can be found everywhere. The
development of the Internet has driven the diversified development of music, and
people’s choice and transmission of music have undergone new changes. Korean
K-pop culture swept the world, as a C-pop culture, from the beginning of imitation to
later find their own characteristics. This strategy takes the recently released new songs
by Chinese boy band Teens in Times as an example to further analyze in depth how
current music uses promotional culture combined with users for promotion.
TIKTOK is used to promote songs, making the most of limited resources and users,
and connecting with listeners through publicity. Find the appropriate positioning,
vigorously promote the history and culture to resonate, attract users to participate.
Describe in detail the unique characteristics of the music.
“A single goal may be the basis for several objectives” Smith (2017, p. 162).
First, determine the platform for centralized promotion and create unique hashtag.
TIKTOK users can shoot relevant creative short videos and add unique hashtag to the
copywriting. The entertainment company can select the best creative award and the
top three videos with the number of likes and comments within a week after the
release of the audio source and send autographs or photos (Figure2). To publish some
simple dance instruction, stimulate the enthusiasm of users to participate.
Second, in terms of cultural identity, artists can be invited to talk about their views on
the songs and the profound meaning that the music wants to convey, so as to open thechannel of live broadcasting, and the audience can discuss related issues of cultural
communication with artists. The live broadcasting has reached 15 million viewers
Third, the music source has achieved the top three in the charts of all major music
platforms, and the single playback has reached 10 million.

Target Audience
To expand music’s reach, the entertainment company decided to pool its users,
choosing TIKTOK as the main platform and hashtags by #You let me believe long
live friendship and # Vigilante Boy?
Figure2), according to the rules of the official
platform, so that the new song reaches not only fans but also some TikTok users.
According to Smith (2017, p. 126), “The target audience can not only focus on the fan
group, but also attract more listeners who love Chinese culture through cultural
identity. To energize the participants, entertainment companies set awards to
maximize the inspiration of users and potential consumers and lay the foundation for
later physical album sales
According to Wernick (1991), an artwork is replaced by another commodity,
which is imitated in its own characteristic shape and thus becomes a valuable
collectible. Similarly, although the song does not completely copy ancient Chinese
music, it integrates electronic music to form a new Chinese style of electronic music,
and establishes its own cultural identity. At the same time, the unique cultural identity
has become the representative figure of C-POP. Let music become the carrier of
culture, to meet the audience’s cultural confidence and value identification, and emotional
Second, Hashtag is an excellent way of secondary propaganda. The propaganda on the
short video platform can deepen the audience’s impression of the song through
repeated brainwashing and dissemination. TikTok, on the other hand, has the
advantages of large user groups and less time consumption for browsing, so it
achieves the optimal propaganda with the highest efficiency
Third, because of the positioning of the song, both the combination and the song are
irreplaceable.Evaluation Metrics
This strategy focuses on the effectiveness of the How does the group’s new song gain
acceptance in C-POP and providing appropriate advice and feedback on any problems.
This study uses the framework of the Public Relations Institute of Australia [PRIA] as
a basis for judging case studies, and Smith Smith’s Planning Process will also be used.
The effectiveness of this strategy is demonstrated through analysis.
Smith, R. (2017). Strategic Planning for Public Relations. New York, USA:
Wernick, A. (1991), Imaging commodities. Promotional Culture: Advertising,
Ideology and Symbolic Expression. Newbury Park: SAGE