Author: Beth Westmore

Beth is in her final year of a Journalism/Communications degree with a major in Public Relations. She has gained experience interning as a PR professional at Salvos Legal and OHarvest Brisbane. Beth is passionate about television broadcasting and reporting and hopes to examine the western influences in Indonesia in the "voluntourism" market.

Voluntourism: Helpful or Harmful?

Beth Westmore- May 12, 2017

Volunteer tourism in Jakarta has come under scrutiny over the past few years. Experts wonder if this million dollar industry is really helping those in ... Read More

Refuge from Conflict: The Love of Emmanuel Orphanage

Beth Westmore- April 20, 2017

Indonesia’s conflict on the Ambon Island sparked a nation wide clash between religions. Victims of Ambon chaos had to flee their homes and schools, seeking ... Read More

Religion Is Reflected in Architecture

Beth Westmore- April 17, 2017

Clean cut lines and geometric shapes envelope over 27,000 square feet of prime real estate in Central Jakarta. The Istiqlal Mosque is not only a ... Read More