Author: Timothy Swanston

Timothy has a passion for storytelling through the visual medium, with a keen eye for photography and an appetite for producing engaging content. Coming to Indonesia with a background in economics and political science, he is interested in learning how to report in a high-stakes environment and create interesting pieces on foreign affairs.

Windows into Jakarta – a photo essay

Timothy Swanston- April 24, 2017

35mm. f2.5 1/1600. Jordan McMullen works on his piece early in the morning, preparing for the big day ahead. 35mm. f2.5 1/2000. A family sit ... Read More

The beef with Indonesia’s meat policy

Timothy Swanston- April 22, 2017

Indonesia's impressive economic growth in recent years has been coupled with a rapid expansion of its middle class, a group of consumers who have a ... Read More

Crowded Network: Exposing Jakarta’s Power Line Problem

Timothy Swanston- April 17, 2017

Indonesia’s appetite for electricity is growing as rapidly as its economy, an economic powerhouse hungering for a more advanced energy grid. Unfortunately, the minimal investment ... Read More