Journalism in sound student showcase for 2016

Paul Smith- June 21, 2016

  This is the 'Journalism in Sound Showcase for 2016' featuring some stand out examples of student work from this year. The delivery is in ... Read More

Fast Fashion Monoliths Expand to Australia

Connie Li- May 20, 2015

https://soundcloud.com/itsconnieyeah/fast-fashion-monoliths-expand-to-australia Read More

Creating a Saigon with integrity

Rhiannon Smith- March 20, 2015

Three young Vietnamese are encouraging Ho Chi Minh vendors to offer fixed prices in order to make the city more tourist friendly. The project, called ‘iSaigon’, ... Read More

Assessing the education gap in Vietnam

Hannah Twiggs- March 17, 2015

Sitting with two support teachers from the International School in Ho Chi Minh City, you can learn a lot about the education gap that divides ... Read More

Radio Decidendi – Google Translate v Neighbour Principle

James Jessup- May 27, 2014

What happens when you put legal principles through google translate multiple times? What happened when Dan went to Canberra? Why does 'case of the week' ... Read More

Radio Decidendi – The Cricket (Short)

James Jessup- May 19, 2014

A short package of the UQLS Staff v Students Cricket Match. Read More

Radio Decidendi – Hangover v Legal-Chic

James Jessup- May 13, 2014

We interview the wonderful mind behind Legal-Chic.tumblr.com about legal fashion and feminism. Dan speaks up on 'flopping the breakup', and Al is literally too sick ... Read More

Radio Decidendi – Snapchat v Legal Practitioners

James Jessup- May 6, 2014

Join Dan and Al as they discuss what really matters for students. First impressions, procrastination apps and... the commission of audit. Oh! And case of ... Read More

Radio Decidendi – Dan v Bats

James Jessup- April 26, 2014

In this episode, we revisit what went so wrong that we decided not to air last week's podcast. We also outline the perfect caffeine regime ... Read More

Radio Decidendi – Sex v Nepotism

James Jessup- April 25, 2014

Sex and Nepotism! Maybe. But not at the same time, usually. Listen in as Dan and Al take you through how Miranda Kerr, the world ... Read More