WHAT DOES FEMINISM MEAN TO YOU? A Visual Podcast in Jaipur

Intersectional feminism means the inclusion and representation of different identities and...

What Came First, The Love or the Marriage? A Documentary

Love and arranged marriages are part of an ongoing complex conversation that is unfolding ...

Climate Crisis

One fifth of the world's suicides occur in India, with farmers significantly overrepresent...

Written in the Stars?

Astrology starts from the exact moment you are born and stays the same for your entire lif...

The Youth Testament in India

Religion is an ancient part of Indian culture. Join UQ in Jaipur reporter Claire Norton, a...

Kabaddi: The Silent National Sport

While Cricket might be the most well-known sport for India, Kabaddi is on the rise to take...

Gem City

Jaipur, India has one of the biggest gem industries in the world, but it now faces one of ...

Marian Wilkinson of ABC Four Corners picks up another award – from UQ

  Once a year, the University of Queensland celebrates the achievements of its...

Amity University Jaipur welcomes UQ journalism students

  The 'UQ in Jaipur' team has worked very closely with 20 students from Amity ...

Jaipur, sparkling centre of the global gemstone trade

Jaipur is the global hub for gemstone manufacturing, reporter Georgia Clelland investigate...

The Street Sweepers of Jaipur

Three women in bright Sari's take photographs with tourists and (more…)

Perceptions of Modesty in a Changing Jaipur

Jaipur is a city that exists on the precipice between old and new. Just one of the many wa...

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